OUR THIRD DAY OF SUMMER HAD A PROMISING START with the temperature at 58° at 6:00 a.m., high clouds and some blue sky.

I was checking on the transplants and heard a lot of honeybee activity in the poppies, so I grabbed the camera and started shooting. I think I got some pretty good shots as the bees were quite occupied by the pollen and not distracted by me. Honeybees seem more plentiful this year than the last few and that’s good for everyone.

Little to no breeze this morning, so it was a chance to take a few snaps of some of the roses. Tom is the rose keeper here; I just enjoy them and take pictures.

This is ‘Bill Warriner’  first introduced in 1997 and named for its hybridizer. We purchase it from Jackson & Perkins catalog in 1998. It is a floribunda type and very prolific in flower production and a beautiful pink with nice fragrance..

This rose is ‘Golden Wings’. A simple petal arrangement when open with lovely, long stamens. It is very disease resistant and blooms repeatedly throughout the summer and well into fall with regular deadheading. Below is the same rose full bloomed. The color is kind of pearly with a glowing yellow center and very photogenic. It gives me a feeling of tranquility.

My son-in-law came this morning and we transplanted seedlings of broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout into larger pots and then will set out in our vegetable gardens in a couple of weeks. Plenty of plants for his family, my other daughter and my vegetable garden too. Today’s temperature topped out around 76°—woo-hoo!