These painting use an ancient palette: Black or Payne’s Gray, Yellow, Red and White. These four colors create a unified color scheme and a broad range of color when mixed. I have chosen to use Payne’s Gray instead of black. Payne’s Gray is often black mixed with Ultramarine blue. Further, I am experimenting with three brands of Payne’s Gray.

Daniel Smith, which has the least blue cast, Sennelier is the most blue and Windsor Newton falls in the middle.

Payne's Gray samples. Left to right: Windsor Newton, Daniel Smith, Sennelier

Payne’s Gray samples. Left to right: Windsor Newton, Daniel Smith, Sennelier

The experimentation began with an idea in our painting class for our student show at SSCC. Roads was our theme and we decided that each of us would use the same  (ancient) palette. I have decided to stick with it for a while, varying the red and yellow hues. It is immensely satisfying and the range of color is fantastic. So far I have painted out the color palettes below to determine the color ranges I can create. There is a lot of room for experimentation.

Ancient palettes using  Payne's Gray

Ancient palettes using Payne’s Gray

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