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Another peony began blooming at the same time as the tree peony. It is very lovely and more refined looking than the crepe paper one. I originally ordered a peony called Flame Heart, brilliant red with a yellow flame center eight to ten years ago. However when it bloomed the following year after planting it was the palest pink turning to white. What a disappointment. At least the company that I ordered it from offered a credit. It has become very robust and is the first of my limited peonies to bloom, and the flowers are quite long lasting. I have perhaps 4 more peonies that were all given to me; three from a neighbor who most likely planted hers some 40 years ago, and a lovely white one from a good friend. These all bloom a little later in May and early June.



Also blooming the last few weeks is another little beauty that I scrounged from my grandmother’s garden, the Anemone nemerosa, a tuberous type of anemone; it is a double white. I was able to find it after the foliage had died back for the summer and my grandmother was happy that I had found it as she thought it had died out. I found maybe a half dozen tubers and now have a thriving colony after ten years. These truly make me happy when the start blooming. Very dainty flowers at only about three-quarters of an inch across, they elegant and carefree.  There are plenty to share with Renee when she is ready for them.


One last note is the fading tulips and Iris tectorum, also known as Japanese roof iris or wall iris. Last fall I ordered some new red and yellow tulips to add to the dozen Yellow Oxford tulips I had planted ten or so years ago and now it is a pretty showy display. These tulips topped out somewhere between 24″ to 30″. They are so cheerful to look at from my office window.


The iris also came from Grandma T’s garden and there are only a few blooms remaining for the season. These iris have beautiful little color details and look so delicate.