THERE ARE THREE CAMELIAS IN AND AROUND THE GARDEN. One camelia is along the property line border and is quite old (guess is sixty + years old). It blooms last here. Freedom Bell, the small pink one that we planted os nearby blooms first. A very beautiful white one is on the north side of the property and is probably fifty+and one of the many trees and shrubs we were able to preserve when we built the house, blooms next; so, it too is a legacy plant. I have no idea what variety this one is, but would sure like to know. We have kept it in has a umbrella shape and it is pruned high up to expose the form. But,  like all camelias it has a vigorous growth habit, so annual pruning after flowering is in order. The petals are very white, feel like thick silk and are susceptible to rain, turning brown at the first drops. It blooms over a very long period, usually from late February into April. The morning light was just right for this photo.