MONDAY WAS SHOPPING DAY WITH JOOD AND DEE. The French Quarter on Royal and Chartres Streets are window shopper’s delight. It is almost dizzying in the variety of goods available. We began our day at the French Market which is so unlike the Pike Place Market at home. At the French Market the emphasis is on the flea market aspect rather than food–only two  tiny fresh produce stands, a couple of restaurant counters and hot sauce stand. I cannot figure out how the vendors here manage to make a living. Mardi Gras beads, other beads, T-shirts, sunglasses, purses, luggage, silver and other jewelry, dolls, wallets, funky toys, and you-name-it. Who buys this stuff?  (I will admit to buying a purse for my granddaughter several years ago.) And, who needs it? Lastly, what do folks do with the stuff once they return  home? The last photo is a collage of some of what was available. Who really wants those beads?

Away from the flea market, things are a little more normal and around the perimeter of the core shopping and hotel zone are neighborhoods with charming one and two story homes and other interesting and historic buildings. You can find a number of tours by foot, by horse drawn cabs, on a paddle wheeler that runs on the Mississippi and do-it-yourself tours on the St.Charles streetcar line. Lots of things to do here.

Historic St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square.

Typical style one story home in the Quarter

A trip to NOLA cannot be complete without a trip to the Central Grocery on Decatur Street for their famed muffeletta sandwich, a tasty combination of Italian cold cuts, cheese, and their own olive salad. The store is crammed full of Louisiana and Italian food items too. If only DeLaurenti’s in Seattle could make those sandwiches…

After an interesting trip over ten days. Today we fly home and I welcome that. I am looking forward to see what has happened in the garden these past ten days and eating some of my own cooking. See y’all at home!