LAST WEEKEND I finished picking the all of the Spartan apples, fourteen pounds in all. Our little tree produced a total of thirty-two pounds of apples this year. So, what to do with them all? Most of the Akanes went to applesauce.

On Tuesday, five pounds of Spartans became seventeen half-pints of Apple Chutney.

On Wednesday, another five pounds were turned into eleven half-pints of Brandied Apple Preserves with dried cherries and ginger; a variation on Jam Lady’s Apple Maple Preserves. Delete the maple syrup, replace with brandy and add dried cherries and fresh ginger. Kind of like concentrated, spicy, apple pie filling; should mellow out in a couple of  months. And I still have four and one-half pounds of Akanes and Spartans in the fridge! Some apple turnovers for the freezer, maybe.

And yesterday I picked the last head of Graffiti cauliflower (two pounds trimmed florets) to make five pints of purple pickled cauliflower, using red onions and red wine vinegar to preserve the purple-red color. It looks beautiful in the jars!

I think I am ready to give the canner a little rest until I have nothing but green tomatoes to turn into pickles or relish or salsa. I think there will be enough ripe ones to pick over the weekend to make sauce for the freezer. And that’s enough for this week!