THIS IS THE LAZY WAY to turn a lot of tomatoes into sauce for the freezer. Cut up all the split and imperfect tomatoes; place them in a very large roasting pan and toss with chunks of onion, whole garlic cloves, some sprigs of thyme, oregano, parsley, salt, pepper and fruity olive oil. Roast at 300° for about two hours or so.

This is the result: nicely softened tomatoes, onions and garlic with deep flavor. Since these are not really sauce tomatoes, there is a lot of juice. Next step is to put the solids (strain off the juices) through the Foley food mill.

I started with about twelve pounds of tomatoes which yielded two quarts of sauce and two quarts of tomato broth. I can always add some fresh herbs and a little onion when it comes time to use the sauce later on for a little fresh, bright flavor. The sauce will be a little bit of summertime in the middle of winter.