DESPITE THE UNSEASONABLY COOL SUMMER HERE I was able to put up quite a bit of produce from the vegetable garden. The paltry crop of peppers–seven pounds of mixed green (read unripe) peppers, Anaheim/long green, anchos, sweet Italian/pimento types, and jalapeno were combined with ripe, slightly ripe and green tomatoes, and became Tomato-Chile Salsa a week ago. The tomato plants came out of the ground to make way for fall planting of garlic on Wednesday of last week and five pounds of green tomatoes were turned into Green Tomato Chutney.

Most of the fruit was grown in other parts of Washington. Strawberries from the Skagit Valley; red plums from West Seattle; apples, cherries and peaches from Eastern Washington; and tomatillos from California. The bulk of the apples were grown right here at what I call Backyard Farm© (ha! ha! tongue planted firmly in cheek).


13 pts Pickled Cauliflower

8 half pints Red Plum Preserves
10 half pints red Plum Jelly w/lavendar
3 half pints Red Plum & Port Syrup
9 half pints Balsamic Strawberry Preserves

7 pts Cherries In Wine
6 pts Apple Maple Preserves
17 pts Peaches
5 pts Brandied Peaches

3 pts Dilled Beans
6 pts Dilled Green Tomatoes
6 pts Applesauce

5 pts Pickled Purple Cauliflower
11 pts Tomatillo Salsa
3 pts Bread & Butter style Zucchini Pickles
11 half pints + 3 pts  Apple Chutney
11 half pints Brandied Apple Preserves
8 pts Tomato-Chile Salsa
13 halfpints Green Tomato Chutney
4 qts Tomato Sauce
3 qts Tomato Broth

The only canning left on my agenda is Cranberry Wine Jelly to serve with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and to give as gifts. So that, should wrap it up for the year. Much of what I have preserved will be given away to family and friends over the next year.

Has anyone thought about or  participated in a Canning Exchange (modeled on a cookie exchange)? I’m thinking that could be fun!