ONCE YOU OPEN A JAR OF YOUR OWN PRESERVED BOUNTY how fast do you consume the contents? In my household there are just two of us. A half-pint jar of jam can last a week or more. I often put a spoonful or two over plain yogurt. Then there is the jar of pickled cauliflower–I like it but don’t want to eat it everyday. And how about those two jars of salsa that I opened to have with fish tacos the other night? Or the apple chutney to go with the cheese biscuits I baked to go with the crab bisque? I know that you know what I am talking about. It doesn’t take long before the refrigerator shelves are  packed with jars. There is still cranberry jelly and sauce; lingonberries from Christmas; you get the idea. As one of my daughters would say: Where’s the food? So, my new challenge is to find a way to use all or part of an opened jar of preserved goods everyday.

Here is what is currently open:

Green tomato chutney, fig jam, ground cherry jam (from sister Deb), apple chutney, cranberry jelly, tomatillo salsa, tomato-chile salsa, lingonberries, and marinated pablano peppers canned last year.

Last night I combined a couple tablespoons of green tomato chutney with some mayo and a dash of Dijon mustard to dress a bun for a lamb burger; pretty good with the lamb. Tonight we are having company so another challenge in the works…

Thoughts and suggestions welcomed.