IN DEATH VALLEY the Canon PowerShot S2 IS camera started doing some weird things. Funny double beeps, the lens would extend part way and get stuck and then shut off. Then it was fine for a few days and the last two days it was completely unpredictable. One day it did not work, the last day it did. And, over the couple weeks since we returned home it seemed fine. But last week it finally quit. Tom bought it in October 2005. I cursed it and then learned how to get along with it.  It displays an E18 error code and from a little sleuthing online, I found that it is a problem with the motor and could cost anywhere from $150-$300 to repair. The lens is stuck in a partially extended state and unusable. So I will take it into Glazer’s (where it was purchased) and see if it is worth repairing or if I am now in the market for a replacement (which I can now justify, I think).

I feel kind of lost without it…my old Sony Mavica is not reliable anymore either and spring bulbs are starting to bloom!