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FINAL APRIL PHOTO A DAY (#23): A TRIP TO THE SKAGIT VALLEY TULIP FESTIVAL. The big bloom is winding down but there are still several fields of tulips to see and we found just one field of waning daffodils. The groundskeeper had never been on this adventure and it had been many years since mom or I had made the trip, so it was a nice Friday afternoon diversion. And we missed the weekend crowds.

After completing the tour we stopped at Christianson’s Nursery where we lingered for an hour browsing their amazing selection of plant material. They have one of the better selections of herbs around here and must have had ten or more varieties of mint alone and better than average selections of tomato and pepper starts. Of course, we did not drive away without plant purchases. If you live in the greater Puget Sound area it is worth a trip to this nursery. Today I will be planting yesterday’s booty and then get the vegetable garden beds ready for new seeds.