I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE THAT JUNE HAS ARRIVED! But, we may have 70° days ahead according to the NOAA forecast. WOOHOO! We have not had a 70°+ day around here since early November 2010.

And, I think that we have finally hit the 50° for steady, average overnight temperature (I hope). On Sunday I put some of the tomatoes into the ground. As you can see from the photo above, I am using SRM-Red Plastic Tomato Mulch. I bought this product from Territorial Seed Company a few years back and never got around to using it. Yesterday afternoon the soil temperature 6″ below the red plastic was 64°, while 18′ away the soil temperature was 59°; so it makes a difference. I will use this same technique with some of the remaining tomatoes and plant some without at the same time for a control.

Before we took off on a ten day trip two weeks ago, I planted the cukes, squash, lettuce, broccoli, and brussels sprouts starts. And over the weekend I planted seeds (quite a bit later than normal) for radishes, fennel, beets, carrots, and two kinds of celery. I have had mixed success with celery in the past, but decided to try again.

Just waiting now for the fava beans to be ready for harvest and that will free up some additional space for the remaining tomatoes, eggplant and pepper starts.

The garlic is looking very good this year, must be the prolonged cool and wet spring weather.

And lastly, a couple of nice heads of Slyvesta Butterhead lettuce near harvest size.