ON SUNDAY MORNING WE WALKED TO THE WEST SEATTLE FARMER’S MARKET in the ‘Junction’ to see what kinds of fruit was available. I found these lovely Gold Rich apricots, bought 4lbs. and decided to put them up poached in wine (using this 2009 NYT recipe; it appeared along with this recipe too ); I had a bottle of Riesling that was deemed too sweet and donated by some friends, so I used it for this recipe substituting 2 cups Riesling for 2 cups of water and left out the brandy. I also added a stip of lemon peel, one whole star anise and a few whole allspice to each jar.

While the apricots processed, I prepared Rainier cherries for a variation on Eugenia Bone’s Cherries in Wine ( she calls for Bings); in place of the red wine I used Rosé and Moscato, and added 1/4 tsp. each of whole coriander seed, white peppercorns, and whole allspice.

They are quite a lovely color. The cherries are late, large and sweet this year.

I might have to make some more zucchini pickles by the weekend–zucchini must be among the fastest growing vegetables!