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I HAVE BEEN ATTENDING DRAWING AND PAINTING CLASSES twice a week at South Seattle CC since 2004. I learn not only from the instructor, who –has a keen eye and imparts a sense of discovery in each student– but all of the other students as well. It is a community rich with camaraderie and support. Returning students and first time students alike share a love of art, learning and creativity.

About ten years ago the Poetry, Art and Photography professors came up with the idea of an Art-Poetry exchange. In the first exchange, art and poetry students each submit a piece of art and a poem. Each poetry student receives a piece of art and creates a poetic response to that piece. The art student creates a work of art based on the received poem. The second exchange is the big reveal when students see the interpretation of their respective works. I look forward to this exchange of ideas. I find it exciting, stimulating, and challenging to interpret the ideas of another and I have a chance to create something I might not otherwise have thought of doing. (My responses are featured here.)

“Foundation” 2011 Acrylic on canvas

Foundation by Kevin B.  2011
each tree stands on opposing edges of the plain
gazing gazing and growing out worldly
the field is nothing but dirt as their roots spread
and from the branches fall nothing but dry arid twigs
both seek the safe security that comes with greater land
and each fight to muscle out the other
eons pass as the roots meet in the center
and drive forwarde in to opposing territory
the roots tangle together
onto one solid knotted mass
of whtich fills the entirety of the dusty plain
and strains into every last gap of soil
this stress on the trees from underground
draws all their force from above
it pulls the branches back into the trunk
which shatters the tree and buries its splinters
the lifeless roots release their grasp on each other
and lose their hold on the land
the remnants fade into a fog up to the surface
and press with ribbons into the open air
eventually the ribbons will fade away
but for now the field is green

“Babushaka”  2010 Collage

Babushka by Jacoby M. 2010
An azure day
I go for a long walk
clouds sit packed like big
stacks of meringue
I listen to real old music
and I listen to the new
a meld of psychedleic angst
dance from ear to ear
crrash in the center of my mind
kaleidoscope of notes
never  played before
the fugue begins to splinter
the cat wants to eat
the dog has to pee
something has to give
She never sees me coming
until I am alomost right next to her
Babushka pirouettes up off the bench
she grasps her chest shoulder raise
hands clench in to fists
her liquid brown eyes
give way to solid black
She stares at the dog
as if she is in shgock
and there is nothing
I can do
My warm smile
it is not enough that you will
be assured and so the dog 
and I walk quickly away
Bubushka widow
head covered in black
trimmed in white
like Chopin’s piano
before it became kindling

on its fateful defenestration day.

“Jenny” 2009 Mixed Media Collage on Playing Cards

Jenny by Pedro  2009
We’ve gone through the good and bad.
I’ve helped you when you were sad.
We stayedup all through the NIGHT
Till the sunwas super bright.
We played our computer games.
The next daywe played again.
You opened up that door.
You showed me there was a floor.
We may be an ocean apart.
You’re likefamilyyou’re in myheart.
Days seem to disappear.
You showed me there was a floor.
Holy crap it’s been4 years?
We laughed while we played board games.
You always win and nothing’s changed.
One day we’ll meet for real.
I’ll greet you yesthat’s the deal.

The 2012 Art-Poetry exhibit opens January 5th at South Seattle CC.