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The dyed shoelaces

IT BEGAN WITH A DESIRE TO CHANGE UP SOME WHITE SHOELACES. It evolved into a larger project. Once the shoelaces were dyed, I was left with the dye baths:

My acrylic dye baths

I used a squeeze of acrylic paint and added enough water to submerge the shoelaces; I left them a couple of hours and then hung them to drip dry. But then I still had all of that watered down ‘paint’. I couldn’t dump it down the drain. So, I decided to dye some…

STRING! (I had added some yellow too.) I laid out the string to dry, overlapping the strands to create some multi-colored strands. I know I can use the string in some kind of project, right?

Balls of string!

But I still had the liquid ‘dye’. I was inspired by this post on Aunt Peaches. And, I just happened to have a lot of coffee filters. So, I dyed a bunch.

The dyed, drying filters

Then I separated and stacked them.


They are quite lovely. And just waiting to be put to use (not as a garland, though), maybe in a collage or mixed media piece. Along with the string. Open to suggestions…

And, all for the want of a snappy looking shoelace!

It’s fascinating to me how one idea generates another. I love the creative fuel that results.