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Part way; August 2013

Part way; August 2013

I HAVE UNFINISHED ART PROJECTS. Sometimes the initial enthusiasm wears off quickly for any number of reasons. But some are worth revisiting, like this one. I originally laid out this tracing of overlapping french curves on a 2 inch square grid in 2009. It is 18″ x 24″, Canson Classic Cream Drawing paper. I liked the geometric and abstract idea and decided to use color pencils, a complimentary color scheme limited to just a few blues/oranges; reds/greens; and yellows/violet. I placed color in a few spots, closed the cover on the drawing tablet, put in a drawer and there it sat until July of this year when I “rediscovered” it. Renewed interest!

I am glad I came back to it now. I needed a summer project that I could spend a few hours with, walk away and then return to again, and again, and again…

The botanical drawing class I took last year taught me a new way of laying down color with a pencil, layer by layer (Katie Lee method) and it seemed the right technique for this color pencil project.


Current state.

At this stage placing color has become more challenging. It is now a labor of either love or obsession.


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