THE NEXT TEN DAYS WILL BE A SPENT AWAY FROM WEST SEATTLE, so most posts will be reflective of our trip, including all things botanical and otherwise interesting. We are spending four nights here in Savannah, Georgia and then will travel west to New Orleans, Louisiana on Thursday.

We arrived yesterday morning after taking a red-eye flight from Seattle with our friends Dave & Jood. Today was our first day of walking in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is St. Patrick’s Day crazy and the largest St. Patrick’s day celebration in the south! The party began on Thursday and ends at midnight on the 17th.

I have read that the southern states are noted for camelias and azaleas that bloom this time of the year, so I am looking forward to seeing them. A few photos from today’s wanderings, including this lovely pink camelia.

Flowers seem to be a popular theme for gates and other wrought iron work, like this one with camelias; it was a massive, double gate for the driveway entrance to a home.

And this sunflower entry gate. Lots of brick homes with wrought iron gates, railings and window details.