JUST A FEW PARTING NOTES FROM SAVANNAH. I wanted to include a few more photos from Savannah, some flowers and two of my favorite photos before closing out this chapter of the trip.

The yellow flower required a little investigative work on the USDA plant site and I am still not positive about the identity; I think it is Allamanda. It was growing at the edge of a sidewalk fence in the Victorian district. The magenta colored Fringe flower, Loropetalum chinense is a smallish shrub, maybe to ten feet or so and I have seen it from Savannah to Appalachicola, and will grow in the northwest.

Next two photos are from the Colonial Park Cemetery (no longer accepting interments) and a wrought iron detail that caught my eye.

After leaving Savannah on Thursday morning we drove southwest towards Valdosta, Georgia and then south to the Florida panhandle city of Appalachicola on the Gulf of Mexico, where we stayed for the night at the Gibson Inn; charming with one haunted room. Jood opted for that one. This portion of the Florida coast is low key and not overly developed as the cities of Panama City and Pensacola are. We had incredibly fresh oysters and shrimp that most probably came from a boat like this one.

We ate the shrimp and oysters at this busy restaurant, Boss Oyster.

And, since this blog is supposed to be about things botanical, this clever planter on a sidewalk.

We left Appalachicola about 11:00 a.m. and drove west to Mobile, Alabama where we stayed for the night. We are leaving this morning for New Orleans and some great food is ahead!