YESTERDAY I RECEIVED MY SECOND SEED CATALOG so it must be time to start thinking about this year’s vegetable gardening plans. So far I have received Johnny’s and Seeds of Change catalogs. I really need to replace a lot of older lettuce seed. Part of the enjoyment of leafing through the catalogs is all about trying new varieties, of which there are plenty every year. This is an excellent way to pass the time on rainy winter days.

Already, in just a brief look through, I see a Blush tomato that I may have to try from Seeds of Change. I love the planning; figuring out how much I can cram into my small space, what to leave out, what to try that is new and different. I do know that this year I will definitely be planting the costata variety of zucchini to make bread and butter style pickles. The ones that I made last fall have a great crunch and flavor. I also like Franklin brussels sprouts; the sprouts are a nice size, the plants are compact and they have good flavor too.

Dream, dream, dream.