AND THE RAINBOWS, SUN AND RAIN; just a typical winter day at the beach on the southwest coast of Washington. We spent a few days with friends on the Long Beach Peninsula. It rained on the trip to LB on Wednesday and there were a few breaks Friday, but yesterday morning the sky above the horizon and sun-tipped ocean waves was filled with towering clouds lit by the sun. There were rainbows to the north and one that formed in a squall that moved in from the west (and soaked me) and then finally a complete rainbow from the squall all the way towards the north end of the peninsula. Not much more to say–the photos say it all, in the space of an hour.

Looking north.

A few minutes later.

A squall taking shape and the rain illuminated at its edge.

Some decidedly mixed weather to the south.

Looking northeast.

A rainbow forming with the moving squall.

West end of the rainbow…

…and the north end and the end of the rain for a while.