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IT’S HARD TO DECIDE WHICH PART OF YELLOWSTONE IS THE MOST SPECTACULAR. Yellowstone Falls, the gem of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon has plenty of competition within the park.

To get the best view of the falls you need to walk down 300 steps (and back up!). But worth every step.

Where else can you see the vivid colors of thermal activity up close and be truly awed. This is the Prismatic pool.

Unworldly colors of bacterial mats that form in waters of 130° + in the Biscuit Geyser Basin. Most of the geysers are found in the central/west area of the park.

To the east in the Lamar Valley, we saw several large herds of bison, including this calf and his mother. A few days later on our way to Lewis Lake in the south end of the park, we had to stop while some bison crossed the road and a young calf stopped to nurse, holding up traffic. Sweet.

Yesterday morning we had our first glimpses of the Tetons. Majestic. Soaring. Awesome.

I could not resist this window display in a park store. Automatic giggles.